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January 17, 2010

The Magic Mörrum River

In southern Sweden you will find  "The Magic Mörrum river".
This place is nothing less than an amazing fishing setup, it is run by the Swedish government, and is therefore open for everybody, witch is very unique in it self, because it gives room for everybody, and that is not at all a normal situation, when it comes to fishing for salmons. This means that sometimes you are "not alone" along the river banks. But even though it can be crowded, it still has a BIG place in my heart. Especially the upper beats are surrounded by very beautiful nordic nature. And as mentioned, it was in Pool 32 I hooked my first "real" salmon - and lost it!!! - of course, I might ad, because it is a quite challenging fly fishing river, but always with the chance of catching a really big fish, witch a part of the reason why this place got so famous.

Mörrum has a reputation of being a real "big fish river" and it hasn't come by a coincidence. A lot of big salmons and some of the worlds biggest sea trout catches, comes from this magic river.
May is the month to be there, because that's when the first big "may springers" arrive - huge fish, that often show them self with a "head and tail", sometimes very close to you. This brings the adrenaline to a max level, and even though they are hard to catch, just the sight of one of these monsters, motivates you to cast, cast and cast some more :O)

A lonely fly fisher at pool 32 

Long exposure of Laxenshus

HDR magic of Pool 32

Long exposure of Poll 32

The main area is divided between 32 pools - you are fishing in a unique mix of astounding nature and fishing in the middle of town, which has it's own charm because the whole town is focused on the fishing - well even then supermarket is named Laxa!! :O)
In the middle of the little Morrum town, you will find Laxenshus (The Salmon house) and it is here it all begins. Here you pick up your fishing card, and it is also here you get a chance to meet other fishing enthusiasts, dreaming of that one record fish of their life. Laxenshus also has an amazing exhibition of fishing tackle used trough time. But also a couple of stuffed "monsters" - huge salmons and sea trouts caught outside in the humus colored river. In the cellar of Laxenshus, you will find an aquarium with salmons and sea trout's - of course!!! :O)

The old smokehouse in Morrum

Klaus Plate with his 14 kg salmon

Further upstream you will find even more beautiful areas called Vittskövle, Knaggalid and Härnäs. My personal favorites are from pool 30, 31,32 and all of Vittskövle - but there is so much fishing water to cover, and I simply haven't gotten round the upper bests yet, even though I fished there for several years now. I guess I have a tendency of going back to the pool's I know !!! - but on the other hand it is always nice to have something to look forward to. Maybe this year, these beats are the ones I have to explore more seriously (PS. I keep saying this to my self every year, but I haven't gone around it yet!! :O)

Right now, as I am writhing this blog, the opening of a new season is a reality and the catch report for the first day of the 2010 season said 304 fish - biggest one was a 12,7 kg. 
The best part was, that out of these 304 fish, 192 was released again - a tendency that has grown slowly the last couple of years, which of course shows that a general awareness of the pressure theses fish are exposed to, are established round the globe. 

Loop has opened a new shop in Morrum, in the building of the old smokehouse. And here the restaurant has also opened up again with a new owner - as usual with splendid buffet. Just beside the shop and the restaurant the Å-pub has also open up again, so now it is possible to get a cold beer when you need a brake from all the casting. Magnus Hammerström - who is in charge of the new Loop shop, also told me that they had plans of making a fishing lodge in the same building, so that is going to be an interesting project to follow.

I simply love this The Magic Morrum River, and if I should arrive on a crowded day, with lot's of fisherman along the banks, well no panic, I just relax and enjoy the scenery with my camera in my hand instead - And wait to get my chance of catching one of the Magic Mörrum Giants.

Alex Viklund with his 19,6 kg beauty - caught in may 2009

For more info - have a look at these links:

Morrum Kronolax's webpage :
- and the MFA :

Weather forecast for Morrum: and for the rest of Sweden:
write the name of the place in Sweden you want the weater forecast for - and the hit "sög".

And if you should need a guide in Mörrum - Ask for Magnus Hammerström or Mattias Holmquist at -

Link to the local fishing shop in Mörrum, where you can get great advise on all aspects of the fishing in Morrum River - ask for Lars Terkildsen og Allan Bloch

Tight lines
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  1. I do like the setup that you are working on.
    Please keep up the great work.
    If we do not take great care of the invirement we can not catch any fish in the years to come.
    The Politicians have there head up there A..
    Work local and spreat the word...

  2. Hi Svend
    I can't agree more - "Politicians are full of shit!! - and the oceans are their toilets"

  3. I appreciate what you are doing with your e-mag, but I don't appreciate all the ugly "bonked" fish photos. Take a few fish if you like, but don't glorify the "European Hunter" by showing all the fish you and your friends have killed.

  4. Dear Anonymous
    I totally agree - your point of view is very relevant, and I have had a lot of very hectic debate with manny fellow fishermen about this subject.
    In the next issue of Pool 32 Mag I will put a focus especially on this subject - But "over here" (Scandinavia) it is slowly turning towards C & R, but you know - things don't happen over night.
    (PS. It isn't my friends, and I hardly ever kill a fish, unless if the fish is bleeding)
    Thank you again for your very relevant comment regarding C & R

    Kind regards