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July 29, 2010

If fish could speak - what would they say?

A fun little commercial from Hawaii !! :O)

Fight for Salmon - Now before they are gone...

What would the world be like if salmon disappeared?? - We have to fight for these endangered fish, they are under a very hard pressure worldwide - and it would be a sin of mankind to let these wild wonders of nature disappear forever.

Learn more about what YOU can do to fight for our wild salmon - Link:

Save Wild Salmon from Epicocity Project on Vimeo.

Fly fishing New Zealand - "The Source" - A "must own" DVD

This DVD is produced so well, an it's one of those you simply have to have!!!
Here is a small trailer from the movie it's an absolutely fantastic DVD, so I can't wait to see what the guy's at Gin Clear Productions have made this time.
You can order it directly from their website - Link:

Here is a taste of "The Source" 

The Big Catch

Just a little fun - in these serious oil spilling times!!

BIG CATCH MOVIE from Moles Merlo on Vimeo.

July 23, 2010

The let's color project is a great project!!

Here is a blog about spreading beauty and happiness, so of course I had to bring it here on the Pool 32 blog, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with fly fishing!!

It is fascinating to watch how bad a area changes to a positive areas - where everything slowly turns away from crime and drugs - to a lively area with restaurants and social appearance - after the colors "take over". The let's color project in Brazil is an amazing example of this phenomena - check it out, it's unbeliveble.

This great project have spread out to many places already - it makes people smile and give beauty to areas that need's it. Check out some of the other places on their website here - and even better, get involved if you like colors

July 13, 2010


Take action now, help NRDC ( Natural Resources Defense Council ) to prevent the plans BP have to start drilling in the Arctic area - home of the polar bear - use this pre-made mail formula to send a message through NRDC.

It looks like this

 Link to NRDC :

July 12, 2010

Sand sculpture against the oil spill

All over the world people feel disgusted and sad, when they see all the terrible picture from the BP oil spill, which leads to a variety of reactions.
Here tree sand sculpture artists, are showing their feelings about the BP oil spill at a sand sculpture festival in Denmark.
A very beautiful pice of work but also a powerful signal, that we all want this to end NOW!!!

The tree artists are Pavel Mylnikov from Russia, Sudarsan Pattnaik from India and Martin Tulinius from Denmark. They used 168 ton of sand to create this sculpture.

July 1, 2010

Ansver these 10 questions and find out when your fishing days will end!

Link to Salmon & Trout Association  

Absulotely GREAT work by S & TA

S &TA Aquaculture Petition handed in to Scottish Parliament.

This is the way to do things - really great work by S & TA.
Huge Congratulations from all of us here at Pool 32 !!!!

Lord Steel (2nd from right) and members of the Scottish Parliament’s Petitions Committee, surrounded by the S&TA team, at the Aquaculture Petition handover in the Scottish Parliament building, Edinburgh, on June 24th

On Thursday June 24th, Lord (David) Steel handed S&TA’s Aquaculture Petition, containing more than 17,000 signatures, to members of the Scottish Parliament’s Petitions Committee.  The event caused a satisfying media stir, both in Scotland and UK-wide, including slots on BBC’s Good Morning Scotland and Radio 4 Today programmes. 

The petition calls for the Scottish Government to remove marine fish farm units from sensitive sites, and freshwater cage units from river systems which have populations of wild salmonids present (as is the case already in Norway).  The petition looks likely to produce a debate in the Scottish Parliament in October, when S&TA may be requested to provide supporting evidence.

Link to Salmon and Tout association