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August 24, 2010

Next "mega" issue of Pool 32 Mag is nearly ready for publishing.

Next issue of Pool 32 Mag is nearly finished, and it's going to be a mega issue, with a huge focus on Bristol Bay and the planning of the biggest mine ever build - The Pebble Mine - right in the middle of the most important spawning grounds on our planet.
I have been very busy because of that, and therefore I haven't had enough time to write here on the blog, sorry about that folk's, but it will change after the publication, I have a lot of very interesting things, I will bring on the blog as well, so keep an eye on it.

Several photographers, authors, fly fishing profiles and environmental organizations have
kindly donated some really fascinating statements and photos exclusively for Pool 32 Mag.
One of those who have donated a fantastic photo session for Pool 32 Mag is Nick Hall. 
Here is a little teaser - one of Nick's fascinating shoots from Bristol Bay Alaska.

Tight lines out there
Editor Pool 32 

August 16, 2010

The perfect Mayfly imitation

I believe every fly fisher has a fascination for Mayfly's. Normally I'm not a "bug lover" but when it comes to Mayfly's it's a different story. To me they represent pure beauty, and when ever I see one, my inner fly fishing soul is brought to live.
I would characterize my fascination for this little bug as "pure love"!!! - To se a May fly flapping its wings over a quiet little clear stream, then fall down, follow it drifting downstream, and then suddenly it's being swallowed by a fat greedy trout, that is something which gives me absolutely great pleasure. I can watch this scenario for hours - it's pure fly fishing zen, if you ask me :O)

But to tie a really nice Mayfly imitation, is difficult and takes time to learn, I would go so far to proclaim that it is something you have to have in your blood, a genetic skill, only a few fly tiers master. I have seen some beautiful examples of well tied Mayfly's - but the best I've seen so far comes from a German guy called Jürgen Baum, he doesn't make fly's - he makes art!!! His Mayfly imitations a so beautiful, that you don't want to use them, or just save them for a very special catch.
On my last trip to Slovenia, I came to a pool which were holding a lot of huge graylings, but they didn't take anything for hours, I used most of my flies to try to tempt these shy fish, but nothing worked.

Then I decided sacrifice one of Jürgen's beauties - and BANG in my first cast I landed a huge grayling - pure magic!!

Here is a couple photos of Jürgens beautiful Mayflies - If you should want to get in contact with this magic fly tier and buy some of these beauties, send Jürgen Baum an email, and make sure to get some "Mayfly magic" in your fly box.

Jürgen Baums can be reached on this email :

Tight lines
Mark Pool 32

August 14, 2010

The Bristol Bay watershed - the area directly influenced by the Pebbel mine plans

If the Pebbel mine is established, this is the area that will be threatened by heavy pollution
In our next "mega" issue of Pool 32 Mag we will put extra focus on this very serious issue, and try to help put focus how to help this cause.

Have a look at these two videos and judge for your self, do we really want to destroy this nature tresure?? - Hell NO!!!

Pebble Mine is a Trojan Horse from Renewable Resources Coalition on Vimeo.

The Bristol Bay Watershed (HD version) from Renewable Resources Coalition on Vimeo.

August 4, 2010

The Shell oil spill - has finally stopped - Join NRDC and Robert Redford in preventing anymore disasters like this one.

Just a short blog about the Shell oil spill, which finally seems to have been stopped - after 9.4 million barrels of heavy and thick oil have been spilled into the the Mexican Gulf - a true environmental disaster. We can only pray that this will never happen again.
I therefore urge you to support the NRDC and Robert Redford in their fight against any more of these oil drilling environmental disasters. Send a mail direct to President Obama, urging him to declare a 7-year moratorium on offshore drilling in the Arctic - use the NRDC link to get to the pre-made mail message to Obama.
PS. join The NRDC on their BioGems Defenders Facebook page and get the latest updates on their work to protect America's Arctic.

Send a pre-made mail to The Obama administration - it looks like this.