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January 17, 2010

Austria - Fly fishing in a postcard!!

I've been to Austria a couple of times now, with lot's great memories - but especially a trip with my good fly fishing friend Svend Erik, who by the way taught me to enjoy the great pleasures of fly fishing. I might add that Svend Erik is a hardcore Hardy fan, to a degree that even his dog is named Hardy!! - I love it :O)
The drive from Denmark is 16 hours, and we stayed in a small town called Lienz, at the Best Western Hotel. A hotel I can highly recommend, not only because of the very nice fishing beats, the have the rights for, but also for a sublime atmosphere at the hotel. Friendliness and very good Austrian service comes natural from all of the staff.
At this nice hotel we meet an english couple - Fiona and Clive. It soon came to our attention, that Clive was an excellent fly fisher, who taught us a lot of finesse and precession. Fiona joined us trough everything, but she were also a brilliant fly fisher - lucky Clive !!!
Besides that we had a splendid time together - what more can life provide!! :O)

We fished for a week, and I could write manny great things from this trip, but it would simply be too much writing. One little story though, I will give you dear reader.

We had been fishing in one crystal clear pool after an other, and I didn't have much luck that day. You know, clumsy presentations, making too much noise, catching trees and losing fly's all over. Then we came to a beautiful pool, and instantly I caught a glimpse of a huge Grayling, behind a little rock. Like the rest of my day, I didn't succeed in anything, but scarring this beautiful fish. Then Svend Erik came up to me and asked if he could give it a try, I shook my head and proclaimed that this fish was impossible to catch.
That didn't have any effect on Svend Erik - he watched it for a while, and then he made a very precise cast - and caught it!!!! - and it still gives me nightmares :O)!!
Life isn't always easy, as you know - especially as a fly fisher!!
The huge Grayling came with us home to the hotel, were they very kindly prepared it for dinner - a 65 cm long beautiful female made an exquisite dinner.
That were, by the way, the only fish we took with us home - the two of us caught over 400 Graylings, Rainbows and Brownies in one week, most of them on dry flies - pure purse fishing all week!!.
So if you ask me if I am going back to Austria again some day - I can only say - SURE!!! - and I don't think it will be difficult to persuade Svend Erik to join me again :O)

Tight lines out there
.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸ )><((((º>

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