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January 18, 2010

Gaula - The golden river

The famous Bridge pool

"Vampire treatment !!"

Tim - tired, proud and happy!!

Arne Grønlien - focused !!

Heat record in Norway!!

"Wanted - dead or alive" !!
Tim & Bruce :O)

Manfred Raguse infront of NFC.

Gaula is known for it's fabulous pools, huge salmon and great scenery. Fly fishers, Royalty and celebrities from all over the world have true the years, traveled to Gaula, in hope of catching one of it's huge salmons.
A person who really have lived his dream out, and spend his life "chasing silver" all over the world, is Mandfred Raguse. Manfred came to Gaula 35 years ago, an instantly fell in love with it's magnificent an extremely beautiful pools - no wonder I did the same - 40 years later!!.
I can't even begin to imagine how it must have been back then, Manfred lucky you!! :O)
Today Mandfred is running the NFC - Norwegian Fly fishing Club - an exclusive collection of some of the best pools in Gaula. NFC were founded back in 1988, by Manfred and a few friends.
Since then NFC have ongoing added some of the most exclusive pools to it's portfolio, with the classical english names like Bridge pool og Home pool. It brings back memories of a time long gone, a time where the Norwegian government didn't allow the salmon farming industry to expand like it has these days, with huge consequences for most rivers in Norway.
Gaula has managed to provide excellent fly fishing, through all of these problems, and are still one of the top rivers in Norway.
When I arrived last summer, it was very hot and clear blu sky - not exactly salmon- weather!! - so it was night fishing all week, but it doesn't matter because the light never really disappears up there. Only problem is the mosquitoes, and they really seem to love my blood, those little vampire bastards :O)
On my trip to Gaula I meet some great people at the farm we stayed in - Arne Henning Grønlien, who has written several books about fishing in Norway - "Norges bedste fiskepladser" - is the latest one. It describes very detailed all about fishing i Norway, an excellent book by the way.
Tim and Bruce from England were also great company , they were both experienced Gaula fishermen. And they dedicated their mornings making a typical english breakfast, typical "fresh orange juice, egg an bacon style" - witch inspired me highly!! (I simply love a good english breakfast)
Despite the very difficult weather conditions , I managed to catch a small sea trout, and then I lost a huge one, in my favorite "Long pool", and one in "home pool" as well - as usual I might say, because I'm quite good at loosing salmons!!! - it takes a lot of practice I can assure you!! :O)
NFC and its wonderful pools, is a place that really took my heart by storm, and hopefully I will get back there some day, to cast my line over it's golden waters, hoping for rain, and of course a close encounter with one of the famous Gaula salmons.

Explore this link to NFC : for more info about fishing in Gaula.

PS. All photos in this blog are shot by Arne Henning Grønlien & Mark Wengler

Stay focused!!
.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸ )><((((º>

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