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June 17, 2011

The Årgård River Camp - a salmon Paradise # 2

Jörgen Stenberg fighting a nice fish.

They say that when you have a great time - time fly's!! - and it really does up here in the Årgård Camp. It's my last day before I leave for a couple of days in Gaula. What a week it's  been. Lot's of fish, interesting conversations and great fun - I simply love it here at the Årgård River Camp.
View of the cabins from the river - shoot at 2 o'clock in the night with very high ISO. 

Typical little grills aprox. 2 kgs
Something really magic happened up here the second day. We had a little bit of rain, and relative cold weather, which equals "good salmon weather" - then suddenly the river became one big "silverish" floating stream - or to use a more precise way of telling this - we had a HUGE salmon run!!!!. Literally hundreds of fish were moving up stream, and we had absolutely fantastic fishing, and still have. It's mainly grills from 2- 4 kgs. - but they are so strong and really great fun on a # 5 - 6 rod.
Beautiful scenery 

Last night the Stenbergs invited me to a huge sushi dinner, made with fresh caught salmon of course. We were 10-11 people sitting on their porch drinking GT's and cold beers, telling stories from the global fishing scenes. What a night, rounded up by fishing from 23:00 - to aprox. 2 o'clock (catching several fish around 2-3 kgs) - this place truly is MAGICAL!!
Deep concentration 

Right now it's early morning and I'm sitting on the porch of my cabin, the birds are singing, it's a bit cold with a few clouds, and I just know that when I arrive to the river there will be fish jumping all over the place - and tomorrow I have to leave!!! 
Angela Stenberg with her early morning catch - our sushi dinner by the way!!

So today the plan is to shoot a lot of video all day and try to capture some of the Årgård magic.

Then I have to pack everything, clean the cabin - and get a "little depressed" because it's all over for this season.
Morten was a very keen fly fisher and we had some interesting discussions about the future environmental problems our world are facing!!

But do I have to add, that I can't wait to get back to this little salmon Paradise again. Just enjoying the superb company of the Stenberg family and friends - and of course to catch some of these beautiful and very “fresh Årgård silver salmons”.

For more information use this link : Årgård River Camp

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