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June 15, 2011

The Årgård River Camp - a salmon Paradise #1

Finally I got a relative stable connection to the internet. It’s funny because I’m so used to go online every day, that I don’t even think about it, just take it for granted and then suddenly I’m totally “cut off” from cyber space!!! - crazy stuff!! - I’m probably addicted to that shit......

View from my cabin over the rainy wally.

Anyway the trip up here was a colorful experience, since the rain had completely drowned  the E6 freeway several places. All of the Guldbrands wally was totally closed, so I had to drive on a lot of smaller roads instead to get around the whole area, which of course took a bit more time. 12 hours - 650 km to be precise!!
Finally I arrived here at 8 o’clock in the evening, I was very curious to check the water temperature and color of the river.
Because of all the rain the river was of course “brown’ish” - not at all perfect!! - but amazingly already the next morning everything was perfect, and totally fishable.

Jumping fish closely - very motivating !!

The Årgård river Camp is one of my absolute favorite places, it is a truly amazing place. First of all the accommodation are sublime, the nature surrounding the place are stunning, and the fishing is very unique, with so manny fish jumping around you all the time. 

This is a place with so manny good memories and I always carry it with me in my heart and soul.

"Fergshäften" - my No 1 choice of pool at River Årgård.

Time runs so fast when I’m here, I could easy spend to months... no the whole season here, every year. The moment I drive away from the Camp I start to plan my next trip to the Årgård fishing Camp - it’s like a drug, an addiciton - I have to have MORE - SOON!!!
"Strømmen" - also one of my favorite pools at River Årgård.

Here is a couple of shots from my first couple of days here, where I already have caught plenty of salmon - as a matter of fact, I just made my self a fantastic dinner - fresh caught salmon, with grilled veggies, avocado, fresh backed bread and ice cold milk - a truly delicious meal.

More jumping fish - I simply can't get enough of that!!! 

Now I have pored myself a glass of nice red wine, then fix a new tippet - and then off to my favorite beat called “Fergecheften” (don’t ask me what that means, but it’s a dream of a pool - with SO manny fish) for some night fishing untill 2 o’clock i guess (it never get dark up in the northern part of Norway this time of the year)

Take care & Tight lines

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