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June 10, 2010

Serious debate on Morrum website regarding C & R.

A nice salmon dubblé from 9.6 caught in Pool # 1
C & R is a sensitive subject, and in some situations it simply get to the point where is is out of control.
I might ad that I believe in C & R - if it is practiced correctly. I'v seen too many situations where the fish is more or less dead after a heavy fight and a intense photo session, and then finally released!! - that is just terrible, then it's better to keep the fish and enjoy a splendid meal in good company with nice bottle of wine.
Right now in Morrum, it has reached the point where Percy - the daily leader of Morrum Kronolaxfiske - have decided to shut down the possibility for any future comments on their website. A sad situation and development, that unfortunately has gone out of control. The few spoil it for all the rest - as usual!!
The last post - "Öppenhetens dilemma" - is about this problemt, and here you can read some serious and thoughtful posts - one of them is written by Mr. Nigel Griffiths from MFA (Morrum fishing Association).
Here is a small part of his relevant and serious post - you can read the rest if you follow the link below (Mr. Griffiths post is in english).

"Yesterday I was a fishing guest of a fishing club, and the only thing I wanted to do was fish. But the only topic that the hosts and anglers wanted to talk about was what is happening to the Mörrumsån. Much to my surprise, and to be truthful, most had hidden resentments towards the fishery that had built up over the years. Now I’m not talking about a whole bunch of kids here, these were older professional people, doctors, lawyers and businessmen. Remembering what had been said has good bearing on the latest commentary from Percy. It was bound to happen that the “keyboard warriors” would rant and rave and make personal insults and use the board for their hidden agenda. However, we are not mice, we are men, so it comes with the territory. What I do believe, is that the “frustrations” have been building up over the years, and now many see the previous fishing articles in the fishing magazines and newspapers here and in Germany as false advertising, A lot of the sport fishermen who fish the river are only now being given the chance to “air their views” even if we don’t like what we read………that’s real freedom of expression. If some have abused the “proper way” and turned to the social networking sites to air their frustrations…..that’s their provocative to do so. But if as it is suggested, there will be a “wall of silence” I believe this will create more problems. One, the fishermen will draw their own conclusions, which could be the wrong ones, and two, many will believe that the implied draconian action of stopping all fishing will imply, that things don’t get done until it’s too late…..therefore, stop everything. But you can bet your life that the commercial nets men will continue to fish One again, C&R is mentioned, and at this stage it is a very emotive issue. The MFA have in the past advocated voluntary C&R, and I believe that this is the “way forward” But if……and a big if, it gets worse. Then C&R will take hold, as this is the way that the sport fishermen can show to the authorities that they are doing their bit to help. Having said that, it reminds me of what an older angler said yesterday. He has fished the Tweed in England/Scotland four times a year for the last thirty years, and he said, that when the Tweed managers and associations decided to implement C&R on the Tweed. There was an outcry from the locals who threatened, that they would not fish again if there was to be C&R. Everyone “stood firm” and three years later, all the locals were back fishing again, so it can work"
Morrum Kronolaxfiske direct link to post:

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