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June 1, 2010

Fly fishing in Austria 2010

I've just returned from Austria and Slovenia, where I had a great week fly fishing with god friends.

Weather forecast had been bad for several weeks - cold, rainy, high water level, no hatches - and not at all fishable. In other words - Shitty conditions in most of the rivers!!!
You know - "Life is hard and then you die" - so I had no expectations what so ever for this trip.
BUT- as my good friend Robert always says - "We are lucky people" - and indeed we were, because it slowly cleared up a week before we were arriving, and when we came it was getting warm, sunny and with some hatchings slowly developing.
But it wasn't all the problems we were facing - the ash cloud from Iceland was another issue of importance, that cold spoil this trip, BUT again we were "lucky people". A few days before the wind changed direction, and the flights were flying on a normal schedule again - so our trip toAustria became a reality.

The week we had were absolutely outstanding. My best fishing experience were from a new and quit difficult beat, where you had to work for every catch. Difficult surroundings, difficult casts, difficult landings - isn't that what it is all about??!!!

The only river we couldn't go to was Soca, to much water, from the melting snow. Roomers said that some areas in Slovenia have had up to 10 meters of snow, and when that melts it is creating problems with the water level and the water temperatures = shitty conditions!!!.

The week went by way too fast, but I guess it always does when you are enjoying yourself in good company and with excellent fishing.

Anyway here are some photos from the trip to Austria.

Life is great, with a rod in your hand.

Watch this YouTube video from my trip

- and some pix from the trip as well.....

"A fly kid in action"
Mr. Althaus fishing of the deep part of a beat.
"Mr. Roberto" fighting a huge rainbow.

Quick photo and then C & R.
C & R - trying NOT to touch the fish at all, just the barbless hook.
Bernie caught several very nice ones - as usual I might add!! :O)

Mr. Stroh - again.

Tight lines out there.
            .¸¸.·´¯`·.¸ )><((((º>

1 comment:

  1. That River looks sick! Is that the Krimml near Mittersil? I am an American living in Germany looking for a place I can C&R trout, any hints would be awesome.