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November 6, 2011

Is the ISA virus affecting our herring - or humans too??

Is the ISA virus affecting our herring - or humans too??

My heart is bleeding - shame on you Norway!!! Stop fish farming NOW - what guaranty do we have that this isn't spreading to humans.... farmed fish has become a huge part of your everyday food source. Maybe we humans deserve it, and maybe an outbreak of that kind is what is need to finaly stop this kind of sceintiffic madness from this industry.

Angela Koch's Photos

Is ISA affecting our herring too...or is this bleeding fins some new mutation of another exotic fish farm disease?...if we lose our herring the entire west coast is screwed....I don't care how much $$$ the fish farms are making with their abominable operations, nothing, absolutely nothing can compare to this loss! Shame on you Norway....Shame on you Canada!
                                                                              Angela Koch

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