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October 14, 2011

From Anissas blog

From Anissas Blog

Damien Gillis summed up the Cohen Commission fairly well after Alexandra Morton's first day on the stand.
Alexandra summed it up as well in her blog with this one image.

Me, I am still in shock and feeling slightly abused after sitting in on those hearings since August 22. Many people spent the breaks hugging and trying to digest what was going on. Tears were shed and outbursts from the audience were continuous. For those of you that filled the courtroom on the 7th and 8th there are no words that I could write that would fully encapsulate the ridiculousness of the situation. The lawyers from both our provincial government and federal government behaved badly, discounting that Alexandra Morton had spent a conservative 2,000 hours inside the confidential documents known as "ringtail" and is also a pier reviewed published scientist with an honorary doctorate for science bestowed upon her by SFU. The lawyers hurled accusations that were returned by Alex with the punch that only honesty and integrity can land. People in the audience clapped and cheered. Still the Federal and Provincial lawyer were not interested in what she found during her research or why she believed she could explain the decline and crash of the Fraser River Sockeye. The 66 page "secret" document will stay as such unless Justice Cohen determines it will see the light of day.
Even so, we did  hear a lot inside that court of law and it often smelled worse than prespawn mortality.  Now, more than ever,  wild salmon people want to know the truth! We want to know if the wild salmon are full of brain tumours and if there is an impact to human health and what all this means for our wild salmon and ultimately us.

We want to know why the fish farms have not been tested to see if they are indeed the cause of this Salmon Leukemia/ Plasmacytoid Leukemia/ Marine Anemia or "whatever you want to call it" because these farms are dangerous, they amplify disease and they are in the direct migration routes of wild salmon. We want to know why Kristi Miller's funding to study sockeye was cut. We also want to know if these salmon farms have insurance to pay back the people of BC and all the fisherman who may have lost millions and millions of wild salmon = money.
The wild salmon people will rise to the challenge. Our comfort levels have certainly changed.
More soon... 

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