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March 25, 2011

Beautiful Christmas greeting picture!!!!

Sometimes things are not what like they look like !!!!

After sending this Christmas greeting picture out to a lot of people, I know through the fly fishing scene, I have received so much positive response. People wrote how idyllic it was, and how beautiful and charming this little river was.


This place is located outside Copenhagen, in a national park called "Dyerhaven" (The Animal park) because it filled with big deers and used to be the Kings hunting ground back in time.
But this river which runs through this national park, is SO polluted that it is a mystery that anything can survive for more than 10 minutes in this so called river.

The reason why I expose this truth is because i feel a bit tired of all the shit, that goes on around me. The politicians talk but do not act - nothing new about that behavior.
Today my friend Svend Erik send me a video from Danish TV which show a new environmental treat occurring in the Danish oceans, as if we didn't have enough already. It is a innovative algae brought to this region with the blast water from ships - again!!!

Here is a link to this horrifying video (it's in Danish,but I think it will make sense anyway)

Very, very sad indeed!!!

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