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February 13, 2011

Dangerous situations.

As a photographer I know that sometimes you have to go beyond you limits to get that one special shot.
I remember once in Cape Town I had been surfing for a couple of hours and then I needed something to drink badly, the salt water around the Cape makes you tung swollen and it feels like you have a "shoe sole" in your mouth, so fresh water is essential to have close by.
I walked to the car and our "stash of water" but here I found a BIG mother fuc.... of a baboon sitting on the roof of my car showing it's teeth every time I got close. Long story short - I had to struggle A LOT to get that water and at times I felt desperate and very scared, but I threw some some small rocks at the bastard and one of them hit this big bamboo right in the forehead (not to damage it of course, just scare it) and it finally moved away and I got the heavily needed water for my swollen tung!!!
Here it is a different story - in this case it's a hungry and probably very angry snow bear who want's to take a bite of the photographer,  a situation you don't want to find yourself in.

I'll let the pictures speak for it self.


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