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January 3, 2011

NASF - does a fantastic job!!!


The Atlantic salmon returning to their native rivers need protection from interceptory netting and NASF is determined to give it. NASF raises funds to pay commercial netsmen to stop fishing for Atlantic salmon. This is the only effective, common sense way to restore salmon back to their natural abundance.

In our work we:
- We promote authentic conservation
- We respect historic rights of netsmen
- We pay the netsmen not to fish for salmon
- We help arrange alternative sustainable fishing for the netsmen.

NASF works with netsmen to make the North Atlantic environment a showcase example of bio-diversity and sustainable development.

Since 1989 NASF’s fund raising efforts have raised over 20 million pounds and saved at least 20 million salmon from the fishmonger’s slabs. Conservation of the species is only costing around £1 per fish which is surely a bargain and a win, win, win situation for all – there cannot be a better way! But NASF needs your continued support as most agreements are paid for on a recurring basis.
Commercial deals 1989-2008 inspired by NASF principles and policy

2008    Net buy out in Wales
2008    New Greenland 7 Year Agreement
2007    Net Buy Out on the West Coast of Scotland
2007    NASF Partnership Strathy Point Nets to be phased out by Scottish Executive
2006    Ireland bans Drift Nets and some Draft/Snap nets
2006    Pilot Buyout Project of nets in Trondheim Fjord
2006    NASF (UK) First Agreement with Montrose nets NASF in Norway.
2003    NASF North Sea Agreement with North East England drift netsmen
2003    NASF Northern Ireland Conservancy Salmon Agreement
2002    NASF-KNAPK West Greenland 5-year Moratorium Agreement
2001    NASF-MSF Agreements. Buyout Agreements in SW England
2000    NASF-Wye/USK Coalition Agreement buys out Wales driftnets
1997    CG64-AIDSA/NASF Adour River Moratorium Set-Aside Agreement
1997    NASF completes Moratorium Agreement in Icelandic waters
1996    NASF launches Greenland Development projects
1995    NASF Second NE Atlantic Salmon Agreement
1994    NASF Partners stop Pirate Fisheries
1993    NASF West Greenland Salmon Quota Purchase Agreement
1992    Canadian Government 90-million dollar Purchase Agreement
1991    NASF First NE Atlantic Salmon Quota Purchase Agreement
1990    First White river region Set-aside Agreement
1989    The launch of NASF through Quota Purchase Committee

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