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December 14, 2010

150th Anniversary Handblown Glass Minnow Trap from Orvis

Own a piece of Orvis history, handblown by a sole artisan in Manchester, Vermont, who uses techniques and tools of 12th-century Italy. Each glass minnow bait trap captures the heritage of the original trap of 1885. During World War II, with saltwater fishing disrupted by U-boats, the trap saw a rise in orders as freshwater fishing increased. Indeed, the trap helped Orvis survive. The 150th Trap is created with 2000º F molten glass blown into a handcrafted cherry wood mold. The funnel-shaped opening, anniversary emblem, perforated cap, and stand are handcrafted. A handsome, sporting addition to any fly fisher's den, perfect as a display container. Glass minnow bait trap is handcrafted in Vermont.

Maybe this is a perfect Christmas gift - buy it here - Orvis website

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