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October 29, 2010

The "DDI Instructors"

I just spend a couple of fantastic days in Germany with good friends. They invited me to a very special river for the weekend. We had some serious nymph fishing ahead of us, mainly for brownies and rainbows. Before we arrived they told me that I could expect very difficult conditions, huge fish but very difficult to catch!! - guess that's why they were huge!!.
I was trilled, excited and acted like a little child! - as usually when I am approaching and exploring new waters.
The warning the gave me - "kind of drifted out of my mind" -  I considered myself as fairly experienced nymph fisher, so how hard could it be...

We arrived to a cosy little Bavarian hotel Friday at noon. While we passed the river-bridge to the hotel, my friend Robert stopped the car, and said "have a look". At first I couldn't see any anything, but after I got my Polaroid's on, I could spot several really big fish. My pulse jumped to a higher level instantly - I had arrived to a fly fishing Paradise, and I couldn't wait to jump into my waders and cast to these monsters.

But fishing licenses, carrying everything to our rooms etc. had to be done first, so I had to act calmly and fill up my soul with patience - not that easy when the only thing in your mind is to hook one of these beauties I'v just spotted from the bridge.

At the hotel we meet up with two of Roberts friends - Regina & Jürgen - a couple who had spend a lot of time by these river banks and were both very keen nymph fishers.

Finally we got down to the river, and I instantly potted a couple of very nice fish in a crystal clear pool. But as explained to me they WERE very hard to catch!. 
After several hours of absolutely no response from any of these fish I slowly moved towards a deep depression. I had to accept the fact that my nymph-skills were absolutely miserable.

Jürgen saw my state of mind and very kindly he "took me under his wing" and stayed with me for several hours, teaching me everything about how to present the fly and how extremely important "the Dead drift" were - and how little I knew about it all.

The way Jürgen and his wife Regina fished their nymphs were very interesting to observe, and they caught A LOT of fish, while I didn't even got a single "puff".
After the second day I slow succeeded - but only because Jürgen had shown me the inside knowledge of a "DDI's brain" - you know a "Death Drift Instructor" an the deepest secrets and thoughts. 
I learned more these couple of days with Jürgen and Regina than I've learned the last couple of years. It was such a great experience and I was trilled but I also felt very humble.

Now that I'm back in Denmark, I can't stop thinking about this river, and I can't wait to get back, back to those monster fish, back to practice some of all the wise words from Jürgen - " that is NOT a death drift!! - to short cast!! - to long!! - let's change fly!! - etc.
Thank you all SO MUCH for a couple of great days, I will probably never forget this experience, and all your kindness - and patience!!! :O)


  1. I'm so proud to have those two (crazy) guys as my parents! I hope i meet you - Mark - next time at the river, coming with my "new" motorbike ;-)
    Say Hello to the danish moose from the german elk(e).

  2. Hello Elke
    Well you have every reason to be proud of those (crazy :O) parents - they are absolutely great - and also absolutely great fly fishers, some of the best I ever meet - and I have meet a few believe me!!.
    I can't wait to meet up with all of you again and learn some more about "The Dead Drift" :O)

    Give my very best to your (crazy and wonderful) parents - OK.